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  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!
    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024! We wish you and your family happiness, health, good luck and prosperity! www.haitong-metals.comProfessional Metal Stamping Manufacturer Haitong Metals-Since 1988-
  • Robotic Stamping Line
    Robotic stamping line has been put into operation, which can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce labor cost!
  • Robot Sharpening
    Robot sharpening has implementing instead of hand sharpening!
  • Laser Cutting
    The CNC laser cutting machine was started to help us to make blank parts without any tooling!
  • Robot Welding
    The Robot welding has been implementing instead of hand welding!
  • CNC Turret Punching
    Saving tooling cost!Make sample quickly!
  • A great trip to Xiamen in 2014
    Members of our company went on a trip to Xiamen as an employee benefit. During 3 days, they were shown around in the popular tourist city, which effectively eased the job stress and meanwhile, prepared our company for the future.
  • Outdoor expand training in 2012
    Outdoor expand training
  • Cosplay of Counter Strike in 2011
    Members of our company set out on an outdoor expand training, during which they tasted the excitement of Cosplay of Counter Strike. Through effective teamwork, employees developed a deeper sort of team spirit naturally and the cohesive force of our company was strengthened.


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