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About Us
Ningbo Haitong Metal Fabrication Co,LTD.
As one of the leading stamping manufacturers in China, Haitong Metals aspired to drive our quality as well as innovation!
Our company was established in Ningbo City 30 years ago, now we fully operate in this state-of-art facility with total area of 110,000 sqft and conveniently locate at the heart of Ningbo Port.
As a professional stamping manufacturer, our goal is to deliver the best-of-class products to worldwide customers, we are driven on quality because we know every breakthrough brings us up to a brand new level. Our MRPII (Manufacture Resource Planning) and ISO9001 quality control systems have brought us the great faith from our customers and became the key of our success in the past.
We specialize in various OEM metal stamping-welding products with multiple surface treatments and our complete set of stamping welding equipment enables our manufacturing ability to an unprecedented scale.
Haitong Metals’ ambition is to be the global leader in OEM metalwork by leveraging our 30+ years of expertise in delivering high quality products and services that always exceed the expectation of our demanding customers.
We welcome any collaboration! Haitong Metals is eager to provide the perfect customer experience to any of our global clients!