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Ningbo Haitong Metals & Fabrication Co,LTD.
Our company is one of the leading stamping manufacturers in China with total area of 110,000 square foot. We are near Ningbo Port, so the traffic is quite convenient. We specialize in various OEM metal stamping-welding products with various surface treatments for 29 years. The complete set of stamping welding equipments takes us larger production capability.

MRPII (Manufacture Resource Planning) and ISO9001 quality control system ensure our quality keeping superior. As professional stamping manufacturer, we are dedicated to achieving superior quality through teamwork and continuous improvement. Idea and designs from customers can be realized into new products here confidentially. Any OEM metalwork is welcomed! We will deliver products and services that both anticipate and meet or exceed customer expectation.

We are anticipating for establishing good cooperation relationship with the customers from whole world.
Certificate CN03/0250
Haitong Metals has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of
ISO9001:2008 for the following activities:
Manufacture of metal stamping parts and spot welding parts.
This certificate is valid from 29 July 2015 until 28 July 2018
SGS Audited Supplier
Ningbo Jiangdong Haitong Metal & Mechanical Factory
Audit Report Serial No.:SHAWT00153403.
Validity is from 
2011-03-22 to 2012-03-21
Certificated Date Aug 5 
2004Haitong Metals has been chosen,by Fedders Corporation,as an 'Outstanding
Supplier' for their 2004 production year for our excellent quality and good Serves.


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