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Vocalist Fernando Ribeiro of Portuguese dark metal act Moonspell has posted the following report on the band's forthcoming new album;

"I know we are being a bitch with nothing giving any solid news regarding [our new album] but we do have the feeling that most of the bands give it all in the Net, spoiling any possible romance, seduction game which is essential for a Moonspell record. So it's not that we don't want to be generous to our fans, it's just that we don't want to lose any impact on this one as we believe it to be one of the finest jewels we ever wrote.

"Nevertheless, there's some stuff I can say about the album. Its initials are 'A.N.' and we refer to it as such while working on it.

"Revealing the title now would be premature. The record is coming out on 2012 (first trimester) but through which label we still do not know, as we are now an unsigned band, financing from our own pocket our new album and all that it involves.

"We will produce the album ourselves but we are working with two producers and friends that are helping out the final shape of the album. One is Benny Richter, who works with bands such as Caliban but whose musical vision and classical training and fresh ideas (he is quite younger than us, a first time for us, hehe) are bringing a great added atmosphere and freshness into the record. We are working with Benny for two and a half years now and in July we will have a final round at the ludus for the more atmospheric songs of the album. The other person is already well-known for us, he is Tue Madsen, who worked with us in 'Under Satanae' and 'Night Eternal'.